UK Free ISP - Free Internet Access ISP

UK Free ISP is a free ISP. We offer a free dial up, free webspace, free email addresses all with unlimited aliases, free Anti Virus and free Anti Spam filtering.

UK Free ISP To signup for a free UK FREE ISP dialup and email account click on the signup button below.


Even if you don't need a new email address you can still take advantage of our cheap and reliable internet access. All you have to do is create a dial up connection containing the details below:

Dialup Number: 0844 711 0497
Username: ukfreeisp
Password: connect

If you don't know how to create a dial up connection, just click the button for your version of Windows or Mac OS in our Online Help Desk.
Alternatively, you can download this file which will automatically configure your PC.

Added to this you also have access to:
UK Free ISP supports all dial up methods including the following:

What do we mean when we say that UK Free ISP is a free ISP? You do not pay us any money directly. The only money we get from you is through our free dial up (also known as Pay As You Go).

Your phone company will charge you their standard local call rate while you are connected and a small proportion of this will go to us.

You can connect as to us as often or as little as you like knowing you are only paying for the actual time that you are online.

UK Free ISP fully supports W3C Web Standards   Valid HTML 4.01!  Valid CSS!