About Pay As You Go

About Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go dialup internet access, also known as 0844, is the classic way of accessing the internet. You get on the internet by dialling up a local rate 0844 number. This means that you are charged for your internet access via your phone bill on the Pay As You Go dialup and the service you receive is subscription free.

We, as your ISP, receive a fraction of the amount that you pay to your telecoms provider on the free 0844 number we use for dialup. This enables us to provide you with free email, free hosting, free POP3 mail boxes and free internet access. You only pay for what you use on the Pay As You Go dialup number. If you don't use the connection, you don't pay anything.

This kind of internet access is ideal for the casual surfer, for accessing your email from various locations and for a back up service if you are a broadband user. The benefit of using our email systems is that they come with free anti virus filter and free anti spam filter.

Our Pay As You Go dialup internet access is fully v92 compliant, connects first time, every time and is fully supported. Sign up to our service requires no commitment from you other than to dialup once every month so we know your account is still needed.

If you would like to sign up to UK Free ISP, please follow the links, create your account and you can either allow your PC to be set up for the Pay As You Go dialup by our non intrusive configuration system or you will be able to configure your own dialup settings. We hope you will get full value out of the UK Free ISP Pay As You Go dialup Internet Access.

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